Community Support Officer

The Community Support Officer course is divided into three courses.

Please see below a brief description of the Program and its objectives.

Student Support Educators: This course aims to provide training to individuals to become student support educators who can support and mentor students in various educational settings. The course will cover topics such as effective communication, conflict resolution, and mentorship skills.  Overall, the objectives of training student support educators for adult learners should focus on understanding and addressing the unique needs and challenges of adult learners, while also providing personalized support, fostering a supportive learning environment, and helping students achieve their career goals.

Event Planners: This course is designed to teach individuals the skills required to plan and execute successful events in their communities. Participants will learn how to identify event objectives, and manage logistical arrangements. Overall, training Event Planners in northern communities can have numerous benefits for the community, including building capacity, enhancing cultural awareness, developing leadership skills, fostering community engagement, and creating economic opportunities.

Administrative Support Officers: This course will provide training to individuals to become administrative support officers who can assist in various administrative tasks. The course will cover topics such as record-keeping, data entry, and customer service skills.

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