2 day workshop

Dealing with Difficult Behaviours

This workshop is a comprehensive two-day program designed to equip participants with the strategies and skills necessary to effectively handle difficult behaviors in the workplace. Difficult behaviors can create tension and disrupt productivity, but with the right approach, these situations can be resolved in a positive and constructive manner. This workshop will provide participants with insights into the underlying causes of difficult behaviors and offer practical techniques for managing and mitigating them. By enhancing their composure, assertiveness, and communication skills, participants will be equipped to create a healthier work environment and foster positive relationships.

Target Audience:

Professionals at all levels who encounter difficult behaviors in the workplace.

Managers, team leaders, and supervisors responsible for managing and resolving difficult behavior situations.

Individuals interested in improving their communication, assertiveness, and conflict resolution skills.


The workshop is designed as a comprehensive two-day program to provide sufficient time for skill development, practice, and reflection. The duration can be adjusted to suit specific organizational needs and time constraints.