Emotional Intelligence 2

Emotional Intelligence 2 is an advanced two-day program that builds upon the knowledge gained in Emotional Intelligence 1. In this workshop, participants will learn to leverage emotional intelligence skills and theories from the previous session and apply them in their workplace and personal lives. The focus will be on developing practical skills that can be integrated into daily interactions to enhance social relationships and promote self-awareness. Understanding theory is valuable, but the true benefit comes from incorporating emotional intelligence into our lives to regulate our emotional responses effectively. By improving emotional intelligence, participants will gain insights into their personalities and values, leading to greater self-awareness and better interpersonal connections.

Target Audience:

Participants who have completed the Emotional Intelligence 1 workshop and wish to further develop their emotional intelligence skills.

Professionals seeking to improve their social skills and emotional regulation in both workplace and personal settings.

Individuals looking to enhance their self-awareness and strengthen interpersonal relationships.