Leadership Skills for Non-Managers 1

The Leadership Skills for Non-Managers workshop is a comprehensive one-day program designed to equip participants with leadership skills to inspire and motivate others in the workplace, regardless of their formal managerial title or authority. Leadership skills are valuable attributes that enable individuals to effectively interact with others, fostering cooperation and collaboration toward shared goals. This workshop will provide participants with practical tools and techniques to lead with influence, manage emotions to avoid and resolve conflicts, and utilize praise and feedback to increase productivity and quality in the workplace. By honing these skills, individuals can contribute to a more efficient and effective work environment, leading to enhanced performance and success.

Target Audience:

Professionals at all levels who seek to enhance their leadership skills in a non-managerial role.

Team members, project contributors, and individual contributors interested in inspiring and motivating their colleagues.

Individuals looking to positively impact workplace culture and performance through effective leadership.